Picking The Right Realtor Can Be Critical!

Todays' real estate market is diverse and challenging!

In many areas there is a shortage of homes for sale, which makes it a typical Seller's market and that means that Buyers, in many situations, are bidding for homes and generally over-paying for their homes! Like the stock market crashes we have seen recently, they respond in time and over-paid real estate recovers too.  If you stay in your home for 5-10 years, you can expect a tidy appreciation in that home!

The trouble that I see, in todays market, is that if homes are basically selling themselves....then why do we need a Realtor?

The answer is a definitive YES! From the Seller's side, Good Realtors provide experienced knowledgeable advice; Good Realtors provide high organization skills especially if multiple offers are being handled; Good Realtors know how to structure the Offer meeting and are able to secure a competitive advantage for their Client; Good Realtors, in the beginning of the listing, know how to effectively market the listing and social media marketing knowledge and experience is critical in today's "Social Media" environment!

You can see the trend I am developing here....Good Realtors!!!

There are over 45,000 licenced Realtors in the Golden Horseshoe....and I can assure you that not all are created equal!!!  I have sat across the table from many of my contemporaries and it is somewhat embarrassing.

So.......do You deserve the best?  Sure you do!

Here are a few suggestions that might help you make the right choice by being informed:

1.) Pick a Realtor with experience including time living in your community of choice; experience in real estate who has learned how real estate really works. Experience can substitute for weakness in other areas.

2.) Pick a Realtor who is marketing saavy and is current and upgraded, especially in social media because 95% and more Buyers and sellers begin their search online...a proven statistic.

3.) Pick a Realtor who is organized. An organized Realtor does not miss phone calls or emails, do not miss advertising deadlines or meetings, provides appropriate feedback on showings etc. An organized Realtor should be detailed of all Offers for proper content and accuracy.

4.) Pick a Realtor who has negotiation training, experience and strategies...most just show up and hope for the best!

5.) Pick a Realtor who has a solid command of contract law because once the Offer is signed by both parties, it is a firm and binding contract! The Realtor should be able to answer any and all questions on the content of any of the real estate documents including meaning and examples.

6.) Pick a Realtor who has true passion for selling real estate, one who puts their Client's best interest before commission or being #1...this is a biggy!

One last comment; I have seen too many people pick family and friends of newer Realtors and in many cases it is disaster! Usually family/friend Realtors lack experience, do not have the courage to convince Sellers or Buyers on tough decisions, and many families and friendships have been torn apart!

Diligence is a primary factor in how successful or unsuccesful your next deal might be.....

Paul Hammond.

Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage

5111 New Street,

Burlington, Ontario. L7L 1V2